Refreshing spectacle of nature Sigmund Thun Gorge


What is a kolk?

Who was Sigmund von Thun und Hohenstein and why was a gorge named after him? And why does the water of the river Kapruner Ache shimmer in the gemstone colours emerald green and turquoise blue? A hiking tour through the Sigmund Thun Gorge is not only a refreshing excursion for the whole family, but also an exciting journey of learning and through time, where all these questions are answered.

A 320-metre-long, well-secured wooden construction leads across 263 steps uphill through the Sigmund Thun Gorge and crosses the roaring torrent. Spray splashes onto the wooden footbridges and bizarre stone formations tell the curious story of the gorge witch and the gorge spirit. Up to 32 metres deep has the water carved its way into the stone: The sky sometimes narrows to a small section, while the thundering masses of water can be felt all over the body.
The water of the Kapruner Ache has forced its way through the rock for thousands of years: the spray is a welcome refreshment especially in summer. The aerosols, created by the impact of the water on the rock, are beneficial for the respiratory tract: taking a deep breath is highly recommended!

If you rush through the cool gorge in long strides, you will have explored it in a good quarter of an hour. But that is not recommended: every new perspective, every view into the deep should be savoured. The nature trail that leads through the gorge and the stations with information on the history of the gorge complement the hiking tour perfectly. Once arrived at the top, the idyllic natural paradise of the Klammsee Reservoir welcomes visitors with a children’s playground and a refreshment stop as well as Bürgkogel, the oldest settlement area in the Kaprun Valley.

During the summer months, the mystical evening events “Legendary Night of the Water” (“Sagenhafte Nacht des Wassers”) and “Gorge Lights” (“Klammlichter”) take place every Monday and Friday in the Sigmund Thun Gorge.